Payroll Workshop

This workshop will provide you with the essential knowledge to comply with your company's tax and labor obligations, avoiding fines and legal problems. It will also help you make informed decisions about managing your payroll and classifying your workers. 

The goal is to inform you about the payroll laws and regulations established by the IRS and the state of Oregon. Essential laws for every business owner or employee subject to payroll taxes. Below is a summary of the key topics you will learn in this workshop:

  1. Compliance with labor and tax laws and regulations: You will understand the importance of complying with labor and tax laws and regulations, including the correct payment of wages and benefits to your employees.
  2. Efficiency in payroll management: You will learn how to efficiently manage your company's payroll, ensuring that payments and deductions are made appropriately and that you can file your tax returns on time.
  3. Maintaining Accurate Records: The need to maintain accurate and up-to-date records will be highlighted, facilitating audits and financial analysis, as well as projecting a professional image and maintaining the trust of your employees.
  4. Importance of payroll for the business: It will be explained that payroll is not limited to the payment of salaries and wages, but is essential for the operation of your business.
  5. Tax knowledge: You will obtain information about why you pay taxes, when you must pay them and how much you are required to pay as an employer. You will also understand why you pay payroll taxes on your employees' salaries and how much taxes an employee pays.
  6. Payroll tax withholding: You will learn why an employee has payroll tax withheld and why the business must make matching contributions on the wages it pays to its employees. It will be noted that payments to independent contractors do not require these withholdings.
  7. Classification of workers: You will understand the importance of properly classifying your workers, whether as independent contractors or regular employees. This affects tax responsibilities for both your business and workers, and is based on how each worker is treated.
  8. Differences between employees and subcontractors: It will delve into the key differences between employees and subcontractors, including the tax and benefit implications associated with each category.
  9. Importance of the contract with subcontractors: It will explain why it is essential to have strong contracts with subcontractors to set clear expectations and protect both your business and the subcontractors.
  10. Types of taxes and payment dates: You will learn about the types of taxes related to payroll, both at the federal and state level, and when you must pay them.
  11. Tax implications: Specific tax implications related to payroll taxes, personal taxes with business income, and corporation taxes will be addressed.

Warning: Attendance at this workshop is crucial. No refunds will be made in case of no-shows.

  • Date : 12 de December de 2023
  • Time : 9:00 am - 11:00 am (UTC-7)
  • Reg. Deadline : 11 de December de 2023 9:00 AM

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